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Reusable foods: a growing list.

 I had posted a list earlier about some foods that you don't have to throw away, you can put them in a pot and regrow them. Check this post out for the guides on green onions, and garlic. This time we will be talking about some of our best spuds.

  What is first on the table?
   Sweet Potatoes! Who doesn't love a sweet potato? If you have never had one, pick one up next shopping trip. You can prepare them just like a regular potato. My favorite way to make a sweet potato is to mash them up, and add cinnamon and brown sugar. My wife taught me this.
     To regrow a sweet potato do this. Take the bottoms of the sweet potato , jam some tooth picks in the sides. Suspend the potato over a glass of water so it is partly submerged. Put the cup of water in a sunny spot, and wait a few weeks. Add water as needed. Now you will have roots on bottom and shoots on top. Divide your potato up, and plant. Harvest your new Sweet potatoes when the leaves turn yellow.
Potato. Do the same for potatoes as you did the sweet potato.

Ginger, but no Marry Ann. Did you buy some Ginger from the Grocery store? If it isn't dried out, plant your ginger partly in soil so the roots are in, but there is section above ground, and the nubs are facing up, or out. Keep your soil moist. After a few weeks, your ginger will start to grow again. If you live in Michigan, bring your ginger inside during the cold months.

Celery. I do not like Celery said I to miss Elery. I do not like it in the gallery, I do not like it in the ally. I do not like celery said I to miss Elery. If you do like celery this is for you. When your munching down on the worlds worst vegetable, you eat it to a certain point. That base there that you would normally throw away. Soak it in warm water over night. Plant it in the morning, in fertile moist soil. Keep the soil wet for the next few days and moist for the next month. In a few weeks, you will have some stalks.

Pineapple. Let's get juicy. Take the top (or crown) of the pineapple, cut it off the pineapple. Trim the shell or skin off the pineapple, and let it dry a little. Place the crown in water for a few days until roots begin to grow. Plant the crown in some soil. Keep it warm, keep dirt out of the leafy part, and water on the crown. When you plant the pineapple in soil, make sure the soil is pretty moist, and taper it off after a few days. The pineapple will be ready in a few years.

Shallots. These guys grow just like garlic, see here.

Turnips. The the top of a Turnip, plant it in semi moist soil that is fertile. After a few weeks you will have some growth going on. Keep the turnip in a sunny window with moist soil. 

AVOCADO!  Want the coolest tree in town? Take an avocado, and remove the pit. Wash the pit off very well so no avocado is on the outside. Push tooth picks into the pit. Have them in the pit enough until you can pick up the avocado by the tooth pick. You will need four total. Suspend the avocado about half way in a container of water. you can use a glass or a bowl for this. Change your water every two days. Make sure that you have your avocado in a sunny window.
 Keep changing the water for about three weeks. Around this time, you will see some growth. Keep changing your water. After three months or so, you will have decent root growth going on, and your leaves at the top will about 8-10 inches. Pinch off the top few leaves.The tree will be encouraged to grow more branches after this. 
 Now you can plant. You will want a decent size pot with a draining hole Dig a shallow hole in your pot. Plant the pit so the top half is exposed, with the root side down. Make sure your tree is straight up. Press the dirt firmly around the pit. Now pour a little water around the pit, this gets the dirt to settle. There you go. Keep your tree in a sunny area of your house, and keep your soil moist.

Mint To see how to grow mint, Check this out.

So there we go, 11 foods so far. If you have any more remember let us know and we will add it on.
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