Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great sites for Gardening help.

When In Doubt.
There are times when I need a little bit of gardening help. When my friends or family do not have an answer, I can always turn to the internet. I have found several great sites that have top quality information.

  In the past few years, maybe you have heard of this site. If you have not, I suggest that you check it out. There are two areas of reddit that I like to go to.
Gardening - here you can find useful tips and stories by other gardeners. Even ask them questions if you can not find the answer.

What Is This Plant - Did you go hiking, and found an odd plant? Take a picture of the plant, and post it here. In a few hours someone will let you know what it is, or at least where to look.

You Grow Girl
  This site is very well written. The pictures in each post are very well done. I enjoy looking at You Grow Girl from time to time. I always seem to get inspired when I do. check out You Grow Girl.
 This is a great article for anyone who is going to want to save plants (if you haven't already.)
Bringing Potted Plants Indoors

Kitchen Gardeners International
 Or KGI as the cool kids like to say. I love cooking, and I love to garden. This site combines both worlds into just a visually, and mentally appeasing site. I bet you will love Kitchen Gardeners International too.
 What is better, hot or cold compost? Find out Here.

66 Square Feet
 This is just an awesome idea. In today's world, gardening can be cramped for most people, especially living in the city. The layout of Marie's garden, and the plants and flowers that she grows are just beautiful. Check this blog out for sure. 66 Square Feet.
 My favorite part of her blog is Roof Farm. Just great pictures, and well written articles all around. If you are gardening in a small area, check Marie's blog out.

Urban Farm Online
  Looking to raise a goat in the city? Maybe just a few gardening tips. Urban Farm Online has all of these things, and more. UFO has very well written and intriguing articles. They really do have tips on goat keeping,a even bee keeping. For a interesting read check out Urban Farm Online.

I hope everyone checks these sites out. There is so much good information to be had in these five sites alone. Take a look at let me know what you think. Feel a blog should be listed here? Leave a comment and I can make it happen.


  1. I am really looking forward to reading more here and thanks for the tips on where to go. We just purchased our first home and we have a garden plot that is waiting for some great veggies and berries. Since this is my first garden, I'll need lots of advice. Thanks for commenting and linking up on my sidebar. Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you, Garrett! These look like great sites! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Roslind and Marci, you are both very welcome. If you ever need to know anything about a plant, let me know and I will post a care guide.
    Thank you so much!


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