Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas ideas, and Jade Plants.

These are the two jade plants that I will be giving away if they make it. I have 3 more leafs starting and some branches too. However these are the only extra pots that I had at the moment. The pots will come with the jade plants.
The potting soil is Sta-green from Lowes. It isn't anything special, but here is a link for it. Sta-green
I hope the aloe takes off. I would like to give that away for Christmas too.

 But here are some other good plants to either get yourself or someone else for Christmas.

1. Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass doesn't need much light, and it grows pretty. It is fairly inexpensive too.

2. Jade Plant. Check out the care guide for the Jade Plant to learn why it is a great plant.

3. Lucky Bamboo. Lucky bamboo is easy to take care of and pretty in groups. Learn about Lucky Bamboo.

4. Herb Garden. If you are looking to cook with a nice level of freshness, get an herb garden. Most herbs that you will grow are fairly easy to keep. They do not need much light, and you may use them everyday. 

5. Coleus. I know I talk about it all the time. But once you have a Coleus, you will see why they are so awesome. Maybe your local lawn and garden store has one. Check it out, or at least watch a video on them. Also, you can check out the care guide here

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