Sunday, November 11, 2012

Care guide: Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is generally what you can buy in pet stores, or in your local Wal-mart, is actually part of the lily family, and various other house plants. More then likely you will get this plant from a store,or as a gift. If there is already a container for the bamboo, then you can skip a head a little bit. If not, keep reading.

 Take a container that you would like to put the bamboo in, and put some decorative rocks or pebbles in the bottom. Or you can even use soil like I do. If you use rocks you will want to fill up the container about 3/4ths of the way with rocks to hold the bamboo. If you are using soil, you will want to have about an inch of the bamboo under the soil.
 If you are using rocks, fill the container up to the top of the rocks with water. Replace the water after a month, or add new in when the water is almost gone. Some houses may be a little dry. When you do use water make sure that your water doesn't have much fluoride in the water, as lucky bamboo is sensitive to fluoride. To be safe you can use bottled water.
 If using dirt, make sure that the soil is damp. A trick to keep your soil damp for a longer period of time, is that you put rocks on top of the soil. This will cut down the surface area of the soil, allowing less water to evaporate.

Now that our bamboo is planted, you will want to place the bamboo in an area that is bright, and receives a good amount of indirect sunlight. After this your bamboo should live just fine and happy. If the leafs of the bamboo start turning yellow, make sure you add fertilizer to the water or the soil of the bamboo. If the bamboo is in water, start changing the water once a week and add fertilizer after the new water is in. This will help your bamboo recover quickly. Other then that bamboo is pretty easy to care for, and a good learning plant to start with.

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