Friday, January 15, 2016

What's Amazing About Spinach?

What's Amazing About Spinach?

With Children thinking it's gross and Pop-eye getting his supernatural strength from it;  somewhere in between must be the truth.

As a Food

I must admit, I never touched spinach until I was on a vegan diet for a year at age 27.  My first bite of raw baby spinach I was holding back on making that face children make when they've already decided that they don't like something right before their parent makes them try it.  Yea, that was me as a married, mother of one, adult.  Imagine my surprise when I tried it and realized, "this is better than lettuce."  I was shocked and amazed.  Even my 6 year old tried it and it instantly became his favorite vegetable, raw.  He would eat them like cookies.  Literally, he would hold them like cookies and carry a bowl of spinach around the house and eat them.  Spinach at that point became our new lettuce.

As a Plant

The first time I had a garden in the ground, I had a very late start.  I planted all sorts of different seeds just to simply see if plants could and would grow in my soil.  It was a success.  But then winter came as it does when living in zone 5 and I left everything in the ground and waited for spring to start anew.  Imagine my surprise when the snow left and all my spinach was still there, just waiting to be an early spring harvest.  

Good Qualities

-One of the most cold tolerant vegetable plants

-Spinach is considered an "overwintering" vegetable plant.

-Has two planting dates per year.  Early spring and late summer.

-Takes 45-60 days to grow and harvest

-Small plant so you can plant 3-5 inches apart.

-Great as a container plant.


     I would say that what spinach does to a cartoon Pop-eye gives a good representation to how strong this spinach plant is.  It's a hardy plant that can take a beating (a winter snow beating that is).  This would be considered in my eyes, a very easy plant to grow with multiple harvests and not overwhelming at all.  Whether your trying your hand out with one plant in a container or a whole gardens worth, spinach is low maintenance and it taste great.

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