Saturday, November 3, 2012

Water, too much or too little?

Well, I posted earlier that I didn't know why my little money tree was dying. I have an idea that it is the water level. I tend to not water this guy nearly as much as the rest. I need to get back on a consistent watering schedule. My plants before loved it.
 On the downside, the little Venus fly traps, and the dragon tree seeds that I bought, well I added way too much water to soil and I'm afraid I drowned them. So now I have to wait for another month to find out. I really hope I didn't kill them. that would be $3 down the drain per plant. I'm sure the Venus fly traps will be okay, but the dragon tree may not come around.
 Oh, one more thing, the coleus that I have inside is changing colors. All summer it was red because I had it outside in direct sunlight. Now that I have it inside it is turning green and orange. Very cool. I may need to get more plants that change color like this. I snipped a flower of the coleus a few weeks ago, and let it dry out. The seeds have come off. If I get another pot, I will plant them. When they pup up I may just have to give them away. I think that sounds like a great plan.
  Let me know what you think.

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