Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Soils and Fertilizers, what we need to know.

 Hello everyone, let's get a little dirty. I'm talking about soil. Now I have been using a soil from Sta-green. I feel it has worked pretty well, but perhaps when the spring comes I will try a different brand. On your bag of soil there are going to be some numbers. On my Sta-green they are .10-.08-.06. what does that mean? Why should we care about those numbers? Let us take a look.

There are three numbers on each bag of soil, or fertilizer. The numbers are representative of the main elements that are in the fertilizer. N-P-K. Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium. Awesome, so what does that mean for you and your plants?

Nitrogen: Nitrogen will make things green. If you are growing grass, or just some trees or even some herbs, Go with a higher Nitrogen. If you are growing flowers, or something that grows fruits, use less Nitrogen. That's good to know huh?

Phosphorus: Phosphorus, this is your power element. Phosphorus helps with photosynthesis. This element also helps turn Nitrogen and Carbohydrates into food for your plants. That is pretty cool. What else does Phosphorus do? Well Phosphorus will make your flowers colors look more intense. Also your plants wont look so puny if you give them the Phosphorus that they crave.

Potassium: A good friend to all. Potassium promotes strong and healthy roots. Potassium also helps your plants draw up more water. While this isn't something I will need too much of since I do indoor gardening, but you might. The more water your plant draws up the better it will withstand drought. That seems great for a cactus! Maybe for your lawn, because this past year Michigan had a bad drought, maybe your state will be next.

*Some bags of soil do not have these numbers. This is because that soil doesn't have very much or any of the elements. Look before you buy*

So, we learned some good information today I think. Next year I will definitely buy a few different small bags. Maybe I will even try liquid fertilizers. We can learn about those sometime soon too.
 Thank you for reading.

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