Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My plants, better pictures.

  Hello everyone, I thought I would give some better pictures of my plants. The first few are of my cactus. I will be doing a care guide on a few different cacti in the future.

These next few are of my Coleus. See how it is changing from red to green. Very pretty I think.

The tree closest is my tree, and the one in the back ground that has the white pot, that is my step son's tree.

The little lemon tree is doing pretty well I think.

The last two are of my lucky bamboo. I have had them since the summer, and wow have they really grown. The neat thing about these pictures, not that you can see it well. So I suppose it isn't so neat. The neat thing is there is a little plant growing in the far side of the planter. I put wild flower seeds in here during the spring, but  we had a huge rain and the planter was flooded for a few days. I let it dry out. A few months later I put the bamboo in the planter, and the little flower came too. Very cool I think.

So these are my plants. I would love to see some of the plants that you have in your home. You can send an email to me at growingpatchblog@gmail.com . If you even like, I will post them on the site, and link to your site or where ever you may want a link to go. Let's see what you have growing over there!

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