Monday, November 19, 2012

Leaf burns

 Leaf Burns, and what causes them.
    Have ever noticed sometimes on your plants, you have leafs that are burnt, and don't know why? In this article, I am going to talk about a few reasons why your plant has burnt leafs. There are a few things that you can do to take away leaf burn. Check the plant's water, sun, and temperature needs.

Water- Some plants need more water then others. But if you give too much water, or not enough water, your plant could start to have burnt leafs. Check around for care guides to make sure you are giving the right amount of water to your plant. I suggest when you buy a pot, make sure it has a drainage hole, and a saucer to catch the run off. This will help your plant not sit in excess water, also help the humidity in your home.

Humidity- Some plants need a higher humidity. I would suggest that you again check the care guide for your plants. If you don't have enough humidity in your house during the winter, mist your plants leaves. My house in the winter is fairly dry. As a result I have started to see a few burn spots on my plants.

Fertilizer- If you are using a liquid fertilizer, and you see your plants are having burnt leaves shortly after you fertilize them, adjust your levels. Too much fertilizer is not a good thing. You can flush your soil if you have added too much by running water through the soil a few times.

Sun- Do you see the plant leafs turning yellow, and sometimes some scorch marks, move your plant? Some plants do not require much sun at all. Put your plant where it will be the most happy.

Cold- Sometimes if you have a tropic plant next to a window during winter, the plant will develop burnt leafs. If you can move the plant away from the window a bit, and increase the temperature of your house, that would be best. Make sure your plant has enough humidity as well.

Fluoride- Some plants are damaged by fluoride over time. These plants are usually in the dracaena family. Plants like your dragon trees, and lucky bamboo. Studies are being done on other plant families that fluoride damages.

These are your main culprits. I suggest that if you do have some burnt leafs, that you check the care guides for your plants. People also suggest using distilled water. This will cut out any chemicals that are found in tap water.
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