Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Growers Trust review coming soon

Good news everyone.
Hello everyone, I was contacted today by Growers Trust. They have asked me to do a guest post for them. I will be reviewing two of their products. Both products deal with situations that I have talked about before. The first product of theirs is Powdery Mildew Killer. I have watched the video, and I am very excited.
 The second product that I will be reviewing is Spider Mite Killer. I still have my coleus that has some spider mites on it. Growers Trust really contacted me at the right time. These things are driving me crazy. The product is organic. That is always a plus.

When will I be doing the review?
 In the next week, probably after Thanksgiving. They sent the products out today, and should be arriving shortly.

What now?
  Well, for now, I would suggest you checkout their site Growers Trust. The site is crisp and clean. They have a few videos on their site that explain their products. They also have a little blog. Check their blog out at http://www.growerstrust.com/blogs/news

Here are their two videos. The first is for the Powdery Mildew Killer, and the second video is for the Spider Mite Killer.


The neat thing about these products, is that they are organic. I want to try to stay with organic products as much as possible. I am sure that some of you feel the same way.
 Check back in a week, and I should have the review of both products posted.
    thank you for reading.

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