Sunday, November 11, 2012

First time gardener in the winter.

 If you have thought about getting a plant for the winter but don't want something that is too difficult to keep inside, look for evergreens. With evergreens you have a wide selection. If you want a tree you will probably go with either a bonsai, or a pine tree of sorts.
Little bonsai trees are great to get into. They are fairly slow growing, and don't need a lot of care. So if you are a person who has a lot to do during the day, and may forget about a plant, these guys will be there for you. 
 If you want something a little softer looking, then you will be looking for a fern for sure. I loved my fern when I had it. It grows like a water fountain, you can go weeks with out watering it, and when you do, it will spring right back to life. 
There are many different types of ferns. They have different looking leaves and grow a little different too. Their needs are different from one another, but most ferns are pretty happy with indirect light and moist soil. Above all plants to start off with, I would suggest a fern.
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