Saturday, November 10, 2012

dead tree, new tree, lemon tree.

 Hey everyone, so I threw my money tree out. It was hardly hanging in there. That is okay though, because I have a friend who started growing some lemon trees, so I traded for one. I traded one of my five gallon pots for a healthy little lemon tree. The little guy is in a pot that will last through the winter and come spring I can replant to a nice size pot. I'm going to post some care instructions in case you want to grow one from a seed too. Oh before I forget the coolest part of this tree, it was grown from a store bought lemon seed.

 Care guide from seed.
  If you cut open a lemon and you plan on using the seed, make sure you keep the seed moist, if you let it dry out, it may damage the seed. So if you don't have a pot ready for the seed to go into, take some paper towel, wet it down, and wrap the seen inside of it. Keep the paper towel wet until you can plant the seed. Try to plant the seed within 48 hours.
  Plant the tree in at least a quart container to reduce the amount of re-potting that you will have to do. In this container keep the soil damp, but not flooded. When you pick your soil try to pick a soil with good drainage.    After a few months your tree will look like the one see above. Mist your leaves at least every 2 days. This will help keep your little tree moist and healthy.
  When you pick a spot for your tree,  make sure it can get plenty of sun. This citrus tree loves the sun, and you want to make it happy. If you are keeping the tree inside you shouldn't have much of a problem with this, but the temperature should stay no less then 50 degrees. inside if you keep the tree in the winter around 60 to 75 degrees will keep it happy and healthy. If you have the tree outside, keep this tree somewhere that the frost wont hurt the tree. If you live in Michigan, or one of the colder states, well try not to keep this guy outside during the winter, especially during the first few years.
  And that is about it. If you would like a list of pests that could hurt your tree let me know and I'll make another post.
  Thank you for reading.

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