Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cut cut cut

 Hello everyone. I have some prime plants that I need to try to propagate. I am trying to propagate my Coleus, Jade Plant, and Aloe. I really need a new project, and this will be a good one.

  To propagate a coleus you will find a 3-5 inch section of the plant. Cut off any flowing (this will take away nutrients from growing, and probably kill off the cutting).

Remove the leafs on the bottom two inches of the cutting.

Fill a cup, or a jar with water.

Put your cutting in the water so about 2 inches of the cutting are in the water.

Wait....for about two weeks. Sometimes a week will be okay. Once your Coleus has about 2-3 inches of roots coming out of it.

Now we plant. and there you go.

Jade Plant
 This can be propagated a few ways. First way is the leaf way.

 1.)Pinch off a leaf.

 Place in semi dry dirt. After about two weeks there you go. Water just a little bit every week.

 Next method is the branch method.

  2.) Cut a branch off that is around 3-5 inches.

       Let set out for a week so the bottom can callus over.

      Place the branch (callus side down) in some potting soil. Give a little water every week.
There you go, two ways to propagate a Jade Plant.

 With aloe I have read a few different ways. first way is to let the Aloe pup. When the Aloe pups you can just gently pull it out and replant it.
  The Second way there are two options.
      First, do like we did with the Jade branches. Cut a section of about 2-3 inches. Let them callus for about a week. then Plant.
     Second, Cut a section of about 3-5 inches. Then plant straight up.

I'm a bit cautious on the second way of propagating Aloe from cuttings, just because it may grow mold easier. That is another thing. If you are going to propagate by using cuttings, make sure you have your powder handy. Mold can get out of control and just wreck you whole day.
  Well there you go. In about two weeks if my propagation goes as planned I will give away some of my new plants.
   Hope to see you soon.

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