Monday, November 12, 2012

Care guide: Venus Fly Trap

The Venus Fly Trap is a fun little plant, here are some tips to keep them healthy and happy.

Light: Give these guys around four hours of direct sunlight a day.

Soil: Pick a soil that is low in nutrients. Having the fly traps in shagnum peat mosss is a good idea. This way the medium is will stay moist for a longer time frame, and it will be void of nutrients.

Water: Make sure their soil stays moist. these guys thrive in high humidity, but if you are not going to have them covered, make sure your soil is moist.

Dormancy: The Venus Fly Trap needs a few months of dormancy a year. an easy way to do this, is you will put the potter that they are in, in your fridge for two months. As long as your fridge doesn't go below 40 degrees that is. After two months you can take them out and they will spring back up.

Growth: To get bigger fly traps, cut the flower off as soon as you see it. This will force the fly traps to continue to enlarge.

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