Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Care guide: Jewel Orchid

The Jewel Orchid has some awesome looking leaves. There are many varieties of these plants. Mine has silver veins running along the leaves. I'll give you a care guide so you can raise one too if you are lucky enough to come across one of these.

Light: Jewel Orchids prefer low light levels. Too much light and you may burn up a leaf or two. I had mine in a pitcher when I first brought it home, and put it in a window, it did pretty well though. However mine is at 100% humidity.

Soil: Keep the soil moist, but not with over flowing with water. Sphagnum moss is okay for this plant, but you will want to give it plant food.  A well draining orchid mix would be ideal.

Water: Bottled water is best, to cut down on fluoride and any salts that may be in your water. Only water if the soil is becoming a little too dry.

Temperature: Keep your Jewel Orchid above 60 degrees. They are tropical plants and prefer tropical temperatures. So if you can keep it around 80 that would be a bit better.

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