Friday, November 23, 2012

Annual or Perennial?

Annual or Perennial?

 Have you ever wondered what the difference was? When you get into gardening these two words are thrown around a lot. So, what is an Annual and what is a Perennial?

Annual-  Annuals only live once a year. They usually germinate, and die off after a year, or when the seasons change, depending on your climate zone. If you prevent an annual from seeding, it may live longer then a year.
  Types of Annuals:
     corn, beans, grains, marigolds, blue eyes, daisies, begonias, and much much more.

Perennial- Perennials are plants that live for more then two years. Some perennials are only grown as annuals depending on the climate they are grown in, and the gardener.
   Types of Perennials:
     Wooded plants, orchids, ferns, aster, baby's breath, and much more.

So there you go, a little less trouble when it comes to deciding between an Annual and a Perennial. I hope you enjoyed this post.
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