Monday, November 5, 2012

A little change.

My rosemarry is sprouted, and doing well. I even removed the saran wrap from it. Yesterday I had also changed containers of my dwarf jewel orchid. Now I can slowly reduce the humidity of it and have it more out in the open air. Right now the little orchid is at 100% humidity, and has been for the past year, so it will be some time for me to bring it out of that.
 The other thing I thought I would do today is post a picture of my Coleus. I wanted to show you the color changes of the plant. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for someone into plants this year, I would suggest a coleus. They are super easy to keep alive and they will change colors depending on the light levels. It's a pretty awesome little plant.

 As the winter months approach and my little guy is able to get less direct sunlight, it is turning more green. Such a cool plant. Check them out. Although this time of year you will probably have to order one off the Internet. Oh and if you can just go with either one or two stalks. I started of with three stalks and now I have five of them. This plant is a pretty fast grower.
 Thanks for reading.

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