Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinch the plant.

 For the past few months, my plants have looked good to okay. I find that it's always nice to pinch off the unwanted parts of the plants. If you haven't pinched a plant before, it is a very simple process. You can take a pair of scissors, or your fingers and simply snip, or pinch off dead or dying segments of your plant. I have a few wooded plants, and I find my scissors work much better. Also some of the hard to get spots on more fragile parts of your plant, you might want to use scissors as it is a bit easier to get in the hard to reach areas. From my reading and experience, most plants thrive when they are pinched regularly. Most of my wooded plants do much better when I take off the dead and dying parts.
 So last time, I transferred the coleus plant into soil. It seems to be doing okay right now, just keeping the soil moist and hopefully it will take off. Also I planted some Rosemary. I like growing my things I can use to cook with. My mint plant was great for teas and various dishes I made while cooking.
 Well, that's it for this time.

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