The Growing Patch

What is The Growing Patch?
  The Growing Patch(TGP) is a place where people can learn about indoor, outdoor, and aquatic gardening.

Why should I go to TGP?
  TGP is a place for everyone. If you simply wish to learn, there are articles and care guides available for many plants. If you wish to contribute and help others learn you can write guides, or answer peoples questions that they may have when it comes to specific or general questions.

What is special about TGP?
  TGP brings all types of gardeners together. You will be able to trade with others in the forum. Ask questions about specific plants, problems or even just general chat with other gardeners in the forum. and actively help shape TGP with content that you post.

How often does TGP update?
  TGP is updated every other day at the moment. Once other writers come aboard, TGP will be updated at least once a day.

Who are the authors at TGP?
  Currently there is only one author at TGP. 
       Garrett ( )
      Angel (bio coming soon)
  In the near future more authors will be listed here, a link to their bio will be next to their name.

You can contact TGP
    You can contact us at . Send us any questions, or ideas that you have about indoor gardening, or TGP.

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