Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sugar Snap Peas: What Makes Them Sweet to Grow

Sugar Snap Peas:  What Makes Them Sweet to Grow

The name gives it all away.  Sweet to the taste, crunchy to the texture and sound.  Peas that can grow to a nice, plump size.  Snap Peas are considered a combination of the best qualities of the English Peas (round plump peas) and the Chinese Peas (edible pod) to eat.

Why I Grow Sugar Snap Peas

I decided to try a new vegetable one day randomly and I saw a package that read, "Sugar Snap Peas" at the grocery store.  After one bite of the raw vegetable, I was shocked and amazed.  These were fantastic.  How could I have never tried these before.  Shortly after, I bought a packet of seeds and started growing these.  Imagine my surprise when I tried the first batch of my new favorite vegetable and they were even sweeter.  The store bought doesn't compare to my freshly harvested sugar snap peas.  Naturally, we had them at the dinner table and my 8 year old tried one and then took mine off my plate and placed them on his and even moved the rest of the vegetable bowl over to him and claimed, "This is my dessert.  No one is allowed to eat my dessert."  Couldn't argue with him there.  Conclusion:  I must grow double the amount of plants that I had last year so that I can even have a few.  Since I'm competing now with my son to eat some.  

Reason To Grow

Whether you choose to grow a bush variety in a container or a vine variety in the garden, these are great cool weather plants that have great harvest, the more you pick the more that grows.  

-Can withstand light frost (but not the flowers).

-Likes cool, damp weather conditions.

-Withhold watering slightly in the beginning to encourage root growth in the start.

-Doesn't need much fertilizer if any.  If Sugar Snap Peas need more nitrogen then what your soil has available, it can fix it's nitrogen level from the air.  

-Vine plants can be 5 inches apart.  Bush plants should be about 1 foot apart.

-Use poles or trellis when growing tall or vine varieties.-60 to 100 days to harvest

-Once you hit 80 degree weather,  that's the signal that it's the end of the pea season.

Don't be shy when growing this plant, you will definitely enjoy your harvest.  Be sure though that if you're growing a vine variety, you do give the vines something to hold unto so that it can grow upward.  

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