Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TGP's second Author..

  A New Author
  The TGP has a new author, Holly. She will be doing a post hopefully next week. She is a little under the weather with the flu. I went to High School, and worked with her at the pet store. I am excited to see her articles on TGP. Here is Holly's profile.

  I am a pet store employee and student at a nearby university. I am majoring in Environmental Studies and Biology, and minoring in Chemistry. I have several associates degrees related to biology. My interest in plant life began when I was approximately five, when my dad enlisted me to help him plant 100 trees on our property where a corn field used to be. I did not understand it then, but I definitely appreciate what he did now. The old field is now a forest of oaks and pines.
   I went on to plant extremely successful vegetable gardens, flower gardens, and wildflower gardens (for the fauna). I am extremely interested in attracting hummingbirds and other rarely seen birds to my area. Recently I decided I wanted a lemon tree, so while making lemonade, I dried some seeds and was able to successfully grow some seedlings, which I am very proud of.
   I am also interested in insectivorous plants, which I have had some success with. Sundews and water pitchers are probably my favorites. I hope to learn a lot from this, and teach a lot in turn. Thanks.

Look for Holly's posts coming up. Until then, check out these Reusable Foods. 
 Have a great day!

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